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Mark Joste


I come from a creative background and I am currently working as a technical manager in higher education. I am also a part-time postgraduate student studying for an MSc in UX design and digital product management.

Long version

I’ve been involved in creative endeavours from the day my Mother bought a vintage camera from a jumble sale* and handed it, together with a roll of film to my 10-year-old self to see what I made of it. Fast forward a few years and, with a degree in Photography under my belt I started a career as a fine art photographic printer. At that time digital technologies for printing weren’t up to professional print standards so most of my time was spent in the darkroom.

As the technology improved my role changed to managing the associated workflow and I learnt that my main point of interest in this role was focused on improving the user experience for both, in-house (production and sales staff) and external (customers) how this related to improving the health (and profitability) of the business. At this stage, I had not heard of UX design so I was effectively an ‘Unconscious UXer™’.

Fast forward again and I now work in technical resources management at my local university (and alma mater) supporting both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying for their degrees in the arts and design. Again, I found myself wishing to improve and enhance the experience for the staff and students. By this time I had read enough about UX design to start to think I could utilise the techniques that are currently thought of as ‘best practice’ to help me to achieve my aim. But where to start?

Fortunately, the University’s Postgraduate Programme in Interactive Technologies offers 2 courses, User Experience Design MSc and Digital Media Production MSc. I chose the latter as it covered most of the UX curriculum but had extra modules which covered agile project management and digital marketing (SEO) which I thought might be beneficial in the long run.

My research has covered areas as diverse as; lean and agile methodologies, user research, problem discovery, human-computer interaction, accessibility design, Voice and conversational interface design, lean usability testing and stakeholder management amongst other things.

I am currently working on my final major project which will be part of a digital transformation of the technical and workshop areas belonging to the schools of Art and Media in an effort to Improve the experience for both staff and students.

This blog will feature posts relating to my research, comment and other areas of technology and design that interest me. Feel free to leave comments relative to each post.

The thoughts, ideas and opinions expressed on this website and through social media are my own except those that I have nicked from far cleverer people which I will always attempt to reference.

*if you are unfamiliar with these events you are obviously under 40 😉

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